Jeremy Scott S/S 2015 Menswear New York Fashion Week

booty made out of straws so you can SUCK MY ASS


i can’t wait to have my own little apartment with a nice big bed underneath a huge window which catches the sunlight so i can lie there all sunday and read
i’m literally going to spend all my money furnishing my home and travelling ahhhhhhh
i could spend hours and hours shopping for furniture and homewares

omg same
twenty things –

as insisted by a couple of people, here goes

#1 i am very insecure about myself, face especially.

#2 i’ve frequent thoughts on plastic surgery, though all will die eventually.

#3 i share my room with 2 other brothers.

#4 which means i have to stuff all my apparels into a small wardrobe, i hate it.

#5 i hate body hair, i wax them, even the ones one my fingers.

#6 i’m pretty short for a dude. (insoles help)

#7 university starts tomorrow for me, at the glasgow school of art.

#8 i’ve handcuffed numerous people for doing wrong things, i love it.

#9 i get second glanced alot, i wish i knew what every one of them meant.

#10 thus, i get judged. i’m totally alright with that, but i’m not okay with discrimination.

#11 i have lots of really nice friends, i wish meeting everyone would be easier. 

#12 i love muji.

#13 i’m very awkward with new people, i’m sorry but i’m pretty nice i think.

#14 punctuality is an issue.

#15 that’s cause it takes awhile for me to do my hair.

#16 people i met in my poly recognise me as paul, others remember me by my real name.

#17 my mom is my saviour.

#18 someone tried to peek at me shower in a swimming pool toilet once.

#19 i am crazy over orange caramel, aka crazily cute & weird people.

#20 taobao is my haven, you dont have to understand.